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Emergency University is the World's Leading Provider of Online and Blended CPR, AED, First Aid Training Since 1999
Online CPR Course Emergency University revolutionized the healthcare training industry when it became the first company in 1997 to offer nationally accredited web-based Adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillation (AED) courses.
CPR Classes In 1991, Emergency University's program methodology and recommendations were adopted by California's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as statewide guidelines for training, reporting and quality assurance in AED.

"Dr. Braun's [Emergency University's] leadership in preparing persons to deal expertly with medical outstanding..."
Diane Feinstein
California Senator

CPR Training Working extensively with San Francisco Giants, local communities and the media, Emergency University staff developed large scale community CPR training events, such as Save-a-Life Saturday at Candlestick Park, Save-a-Life Sunday at the San Francisco Zoo, and CPR training to elementary, middle school, and high school students throughout California to reach all sectors of the public in the emergency health care system.
CPR Classes For the San Francisco Giants, Emergency University staff established an internal emergency response plan in Candlestick Park.

"Because of Dr. Braun's [Emergency University's] program, I can safely say that the SF Giants have achieved the kind of medical response we can be proud of."
Jorge Costa
San Francisco Giants Vice President

Learn CPR Emergency University staff designed, launched and tested the first large urban automated external defibrillation (AED) program in the United States in the city of San Francisco in 1989, doubling survival from cardiac arrest. EU staff trained thousands of non-medical personnel to use the automated external defibrillator in both the private sector - from single, small business units to high-rise multiplex settings, and in the public sector – from the streets to public arenas.

Our decades of experience in defibrillation training allow us to focus our emergency training curriculum on the essential information needed to operate a defibrillator safely and effectively - not on providing a medical degree to your employees.
AED Program Developed by medical professionals and innovative educators from the University of California San Francisco and Stanford University Medical Center, Emergency University's clinically based training courses reflect decades of experience with real life-threatening emergencies and actual AED program management and training.

"Dr. Braun [Emergency University] has a long history of producing exemplary training programs in California. The transfer of her expertise and the Center's technology to the schools and community is an outstanding public service."
Willie Brown
Former San Francisco Mayor

CPR Recertification Emergency University staff have provided quarterly re-certification skills to AED operators for over a decade, while studying the effectiveness and safety record for over 3000 cardiac arrest events managed by non-medical personnel.

Thanks to Dr. Braun's [Emergency University's] tireless efforts, the number of San Francisco residents able to perform CPR in an emergency has tripled to 25%."
David Soffa, MD
San Francisco Medical Society President
AED Program Our unique "blended" approach to CPR and AED training maximizes the learning potential and retention of all types of adult learners, while streamlining the classroom time needed to obtain the level of competence and confidence needed for certification.

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