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Ensure 100% AED compliance

AED Maintenance by tapping NFC tags

Currently, most Automated External Defibrillator (AED) management programs in the workplace rely primarily on automated email reminders. Unfortunately, this results in only 50% AED compliance. 50% AED compliance reflects a 50% loss of your AED investment because non-operational AEDs no longer contribute to your AED program. Non-working AEDs also increase your organization’s liability. AED Ready™, Emergency University’s smartphone application, achieves a guaranteed 100% AED compliance rate. AED Ready™ ensures the desired 100% return on your AED investment, eliminates liability, and provides a second chance at life for SCA victims!

AED Ready™ is simple and as easy to use as TAP or SCAN and SUBMIT! Simply download and open the AED Ready™ app. When performing your monthly maintenance inspection, TAP your smartphone to the AED (the technology utilizes an NFC chip) or use the camera to SCAN the QR code and click SUBMIT. The AED’s maintenance status is automatically updated in the database and is continuously monitored by Emergency University’s trained staff. If there is a problem with your AED, Emergency University is instantly notified and our AED program specialists will personally call you to resolve your problem to ensure that your AED is operational and ready for an emergency. AED Ready™ is provided at no additional cost with purchase of WorkSafe™, Emergency University’s AED program management. Contrasting with the dismal nationwide SCA response rate of 2-3%, WorkSafe™ ensures a documented 100% SCA response rate.

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Your AED's maintenance status is automatically updated in the database
and is continuously monitored by Emergency University's trained staff.

AED status maintained in Emergency University database
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