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What is Blended Training?

CPR What is Blended Training?

Blended training is the convergence of the most effective, research proven* educational methodologies. Blended training combines multi-media web-based training with traditional instructor-led classroom skills to maximize the acquisition and retention of BLS resuscitation skills. Now that research has proven its efficacy, healthcare organizations worldwide are demanding blended training solutions to maximize the learning potential of all trainees while saving time and money.
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Here's How Blended Training Works:
How Blended Training Works

*The latest educational research validates the benefits of blended AED/CPR training. In a 15-city evaluation of blended CPR training presented at the American Public Health Association in November 2003, trainees who completed blended CPR training programs outperformed their traditional classroom counterparts in all assessment categories. (p<0.009) Trainees further stated that they preferred the blended training format. CPR Education that Works: " A Web-based Blended Learning Approach", Anthony C. Gallagher, Research and Product Development, National Headquarters, American Red Cross.

Why should my organization utilize Emergency University's Blended Training Program?

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