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AED/CPR Certification for Corporations

Q: Why is Emergency University the #1 Choice of Fortune 1000 Companies?
A: Enterprise-Level "End to End" Solutions Customized to Your Company's Needs
Cost Effective Nationwide AED/CPR Certification
  • Nationally accredited CPR/AED certification
  • Online, blended, classroom and video training available
  • Free ongoing learning program
  • Custom automated enrollment site
  • We'll schedule classes for you where and when you want them
  • Substantial corporate discounts available

Centralized Tracking and Reporting of Training and Equipment
  • Tracks training and certification organization-wide, by facility and individually
  • Tracks equipment, supplies organization-wide, by facility
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) reports for all components of training and equipment

Centralized WorkSafe™ AED Program Management
  • Ongoing medical supervision
  • Ongoing CPR/AED Training
  • Emergency Services Registration
  • Monitored AED maintenance
  • Planned and practiced response
  • Data driven Quality Improvement (QI) Program
  • Comprehensive AED program management liability

Liability Protection
You Are At Risk! Best Liability Protection In the Industry.
  • You protect your employees; We'll protect you!
  • Over and above the "Good Samaritan Law's" liability protection for trained users and purchasers of AEDs

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