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By utilizing EU Alert!™, anyone can initiate your company’s internal emergency response plan and be the vital link in saving a life.

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Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the number one cause of death in the workplace. Typically, only 2-10% of employees in a work facility are CPR certified/trained responders. This means that when a victim experiences SCA, the odds are that the person who discovers them will NOT be a trained responder. The victim needs immediate CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) attached within the next 3-4 minutes to have a chance at survival. EU Alert!™ eliminates the time–consuming gap between an untrained worker finding the victim, going to get help, finding a trained responder, locating an operational AED, and then finally, providing the victim with CPR and an AED. Survival requires an immediate response!

With EU Alert!™, Emergency University's patented smartphone application, your company gains an instantaneous emergency alert system, ensuring an immediate response from trained responders within the required 3-4 minutes. Not everyone is comfortable nor trained to perform CPR for a victim in need, but everyone can tap their touchscreen and alert their facility’s trained responders who are ready and willing to help. It is as simple as opening the EU Alert! ™ app, typing or speaking your location, and pressing send to alert trained personnel in the building. Emergency University’s software analyzes the location of the SCA victim and notifies the nearest trained responders, directing them to the closest operational AEDs. By utilizing EU Alert!™ anyone can initiate your company’s internal emergency response and be the vital link in saving a life. The current SCA response rate in the workplace is a dismal 2-3%. With EU Alert!™ Emergency University has achieved a documented 100% response rate! EU Alert!™ is included at no additional charge with purchase of WorkSafe™, Emergency University’s AED program management solution.

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