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Government Agencies

Serving Government Agencies Since 2002.  GSA Contract Holder Women-Owned Business GS-02F-0082N

Emergency University can provide your government agency with the following:

Army CPR
  • Nationally accredited AED/CPR training and certification
  • Personalized AED program implementation and management
  • Monitored AED maintenance
  • Agency-wide tracking and reporting
  • Ongoing pro-active medical control
  • Procurement and online management of your choice of AED equipment and supplies
  • Agency wide recruitment and socialization
  • Expertise in scheduling around stringent work constraints and remote sites
  • Success in saving lives

Federal Aviation Administration

FAA AED Program
Selected for presentation at the European Resuscitation Council
Published in the journal "Resuscitation" Vol 82, Supp.1 Oct, 2011 p.s20
  • Emergency University provides AED/CPR training and AED program management for all FAA facilities nationwide.
  • In 2011, the quick response of 2 FAA inspectors saved the life of an American Airlines pilot!

U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Coast Guard

Coast Guard CPR Certification
  • Emergency University is approved and utilized by U.S. Coast Guard personnel nationwide. The Coast Guard has stated that Emergency University's training "meets and exceeds" the guidelines of the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross"
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U.S. Department of Treasury

  • Emergency University provides a comprehensive AED/CPR training and WorkSafe™ AED program management nationwide.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • Department of Health and Human Services has utilized Emergency University's blended training programs since 2004. Via the Federal Occupational Health AED Program Agency, Emergency University trained dozens of federal agencies nationwide.

U.S. Navy

  • US Navy in house staff has worked collaboratively with Emergency University's staff to provide AED/CPR training at US Naval Headquarters since 2007.

U.S. Army

  • US Army has utilized Emergency University's Adult/Child CPR and First Aid training nationwide for Child/Youth Services since 2005.

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