AED Program Management

WorkSafe™ AED Program Management
Developed in Accordance with AHA Published Guidelines for AED Program Implementation
Medical Supervision
  • Active and involved Medical oversight, includes authorization and prescription
  • Development of AED policies/protocols and innovative company-wide emergency response plans
  • Mentoring and support of PAD Coordinators
  • Workforce orientation/education

EMS Notification
  • Register AEDs as required
  • Provide notification to local EMS of new AEDs in service

Ongoing Training
  • Initial blended CPR/AED training maximizes retention
  • Ease of scheduling skills verification!
  • Keep your skills sharp - continuous access to online training materials
  • Annual AED Responder simulation classes foster critical thinking
  • Biannual CPR/AED recertification
  • Info at your fingertips! Includes Learning Management System to track training and certification!

Liability Protection
You Are At Risk! Best Liability Protection In the Industry.
  • Active monitoring of equipment and supplies
  • EMS registration and AED notification
  • Legislative and regulatory monitoring and compliance

AED Maintenance
  • User friendly monthly email notification and maintenance process
  • Non-compliance follow up provided via personal communications
  • Heirarchical system response for non-compliance
  • User friendly notification system for problems with AED
  • Database tracking for resupplying parts

Planned/Practiced Response
  • To bridge the gap between the classroom and a real life emergency
  • Provide training kits for locally planned drills and scenarios

Data Driven Continueous Quality Improvement Program
  • Weekly reports tracking AED shipping, registration, parts and maintenance
  • Monthly reports tracking training, classes, certification
  • Monthly report of problems incurred
  • Review all uses of the AED
  • Update emergency response plans and AED protocols annually
  • On premise case review and counseling

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