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AED Program Management

WorkSafe™ AED Program Management
AED Maintenance

The average national bystander response rate remains a dismal 2% -

EU’s clients boast a documented 100% response rate!

SCA SURVIVAL = A Planned, Organized, and Practiced Response

CPR training alone isn’t enough – is your team prepared to respond?

Why WorkSafe™ AED Response Program Works!!

  • We work with your leadership to create a culture of safety and an uncompromising vision – to save lives!
  • We partner with our clients to develop a customized, comprehensive and effective company-wide emergency response plan
  • We work together to develop a predictable, measurable and scalable plan for success
  • We drill as we plan to respond - we develop customized response scenarios developed with your needs and issues in mind
  • WorkSafe™ continuously monitors your AED program to ensure 100% compliance – your equipment is at the ready, your workforce knows the plan, and your ERT is trained and prepared to respond!
  • We monitor key personnel, participation, and identify gaps/turnover to ensure an ongoing successful program
  • EU offers the BEST and ONLY SCA liability protection in the industry

100% Response and Compliance -- That's how good it is!!

Medical Supervision
AED Emergency Response Plan
  • Active and involved Medical oversight, includes authorization and prescription
  • Development of AED policies/protocols and innovative company-wide emergency response plans
  • Mentoring and support of PAD Coordinators
  • Workforce orientation/education

EMS Notification
EMS Notification of New AED in Service
  • Register AEDs as required
  • Provide notification to local EMS of new AEDs in service

Response Training
Ongoing Response Training
  • Blended CPR/AED training maximizes retention
  • SCA Responder simulation course bridges the gap between the classroom and a real life emergency
  • Responder training kits available for planned drills and scenarios
  • Ease of scheduling skills verification
  • Biannual recertification, with continuous access to training materials
  • Info at your fingertips! Includes Maestro, Learning Management System to track training and certifications

Liability Protection
Without training and AED program indemnification, you are at risk
You Are At Risk! Best Liability Protection In the Industry.
  • Active monitoring of equipment and supplies
  • EMS registration and AED notification
  • Legislative and regulatory monitoring and compliance

AED Maintenance
AED Maintenance List
  • User friendly monthly email notification and maintenance process
  • Non-compliance follow up provided via personal communications
  • Hierarchical system response for non-compliance
  • User friendly notification system for problems with AED
  • Database tracking for resupplying parts

Data Driven Continuous Quality Improvement Program
  • Weekly reports tracking AED shipping, registration, parts and maintenance
  • Monthly reports tracking training, classes, certification
  • Monthly report of problems incurred
  • Review all uses of the AED
  • Update emergency response plans and AED protocols annually
  • On premise case review and counseling

EU Alert!

EU Alert!™, a patented, cutting-edge technology that provides:

  • Blazing fast alert to all trained responders
  • Lightning fast notification pinpointing the nearest AEDs
  • Many minutes faster than EMS
  • Fast enough to save a life. Fast enough to save their brains
  • Guarantees the best possible clinical outcome

Smart Response

Smart Response! Your Corporate Emergency Response Solution in the Palm of Your Hand!

  • Launches your emergency response plan with the touch of a screen
  • Directs team to critical operation-ready equipment
  • Relays emergency/evacuation instructions to your entire workforce
  • Provides real-time tracking of workforce evacuations in progress

AED Ready! is EU's latest smartphone application in the WorkSafe™ SCA Response program designed to ensure 100% AED compliance!

  • AED Ready! makes the task of monitoring your AEDs as easy as Point-Shoot and Submit
  • Now your AED program manager can easily update each AED's monthly status with exact location
  • Life is not perfect, and issues could arise where your AED requires attention -- this is where our program is superior
  • AED Ready! immediately alerts us to any non-compliance issues, which will be personally addressed with URGENCY!
  • Our value is quick, responsive service by a team dedicated to supporting your compliance and response needs!

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