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Are Your Employees Prepared to Save Lives?

Corporations authorize thousands of dollars for CPR training and AEDs annually. But only two percent of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims receive an effective response (bystander CPR and the attachment of an AED). If employees are trained, why aren’t they responding?

A New Kind of CPR Training + AED Program Management

Traditional CPR and AED classroom training doesn’t prepare employees to react when they come face-to-face with an SCA victim. So in 2004 our team of doctors, nurses and training professionals developed WorkSafe™ , a corporate CPR/AED training program proven to save lives . Today, Emergency University manages the largest AED program in the US for the Federal Aviation Administration. Over the last five years we’ve trained 20,000 FAA employees at 198 locations, resulting in a 100% response rate. Read the case study.

WorkSafe™ Increases SCA Response Rates

Based on research by medical professionals and educators from UCSF and Stanford, WorkSafe™ reflects decades of experience with real life-threatening emergencies and actual AED program management. Since paramedics rarely arrive within the critical four-minute survival window, isn’t it time your company had a predictable emergency response plan that saves lives? Contact us today for your customized WorkSafe™ program.

WorkSafe™ Corporate Clients

Emergency University AED Program Clients Levi Strauss, FAA, Norfolk Southern, USGS, Zynga

“We are grateful to the FAA Administrator and his executive team for their support, and to the thousands of FAA volunteers who have invested their time in this vital program to give their coworkers a second chance at life.”

– Dr. Tom Holloway, Manager of Employee Safety and Health Services, FAA

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