Active Shooter in Schools

SmartResponse™ transforms cell phones into critical emergency management tools

Save lives by empowering students and faculty to take care of themselves during those critical first minutes while waiting for public agencies to arrive.

When anyone in the school presses the SmartResponse™ emergency button, it notifies the school’s designated authority of the potential threat and its location. In seconds, the designated authority can activate the school’s emergency response plan, directing students to safety and trained responders into action.

Let Emergency University show you how our patented SmartResponse™ system utilizes cell phones to save lives; delivering commands to students, activating trained responders and gathering critical intelligence to share with public agencies upon arrival.

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EUs EUAlert initial reporting screen
Reporting suspicious behavior early is the most effective counter-measure for an active shooter.

Enhance your school's protection by taking advantage of the eyes and ears of your entire student body and faculty.

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Person overwatches suspicious person
EUAlert initial reporting screenTap "Yes" I have an emergency
EUAlert report an emergency screenType or speak to report emergency
All school personnel can rapidly report critical developments

Anyone can report the location or movement of the dangerous person in real time. This allows the school's designated authority to direct the evacuation of sections of the school safely, while directing students in other classrooms to hide.

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EUAlert showing report
Real Time Reports

Provide real time status reports to public agencies when they arrive. Comprehensive data and event logs will assist public agencies to intervene more rapidly and effectively.

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Person provides status reports to public agent