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State Regulations and Requirements

Pennsylvania AED Regulatory Requirements

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CategoryRegulationEU Solution
AED & CPR Training Expected AED users shall complete training in the use of an AED provided by the American National Red Cross or the American Heart Association or through an equivalent course of instruction approved by the department of health in consultation with a technical committee of the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council.Emergency University provides CPR and manufacturer specific AED training which is developed in accordance with the guidelines published by the American Heart Association and ILCOR (International Liaison Committee On Resuscitation).
Equipment Maintenance Maintains and tests the AED according to the manufacturer's operational guidelines.Routine Maintenance Program is developed by Emergency University which meets manufacturer guidelines. Tracking of routine maintenance dates and automated emails notifying of upcoming maintenance are provided by the EU Program Manager Database. EU staff comes to the site to perform maintenance functions and maintains compliance.
AED Program Implementation Provides instruction requiring the user of the AED to utilize available means to immediately contact and activate the emergency medical services system.Emergency University's educational programs include training on prompt activation of the emergency medical services system.
Medical Direction Assure that any appropriate data or information is made available to emergency medical services personnel or other health care providers as requested.Emergency University provides a response documentation form that is to be complete with each use of the AED. This document is to be made available to EMS personnel or other health care providers on their arrival.
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