Class Management Anywhere!

The instructor resource center makes organizing and administering your classes simple, easy, and paperless! Go to the "My Classes" section of the resource center to view current or upcoming classes, enroll trainees in your online roster, or retrieve your class materials.

No more passing out evaluation forms or certifications. No more paper rosters. We send out your evaluation forms and store them for you digitally. We make sure your trainees receive their online e-certs and are able to download and digitally store their certifications on their smartphones at all times with our patent pending smartphone application EUCert!™. EUCert!™ makes administering and requesting certification skills cards faster, more easily accessible, and paper-free!

The Instructor Resource Center also helps you find classes available to you to teach, check your online instructor evaluations, and provides you with full access to the discounted instructor store.

Class Management Portal