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Active Shooter Preparedness and Emergency Medical Training

Active Shooter Preparedness

Emergency University has developed a cost-effective solution to reduce or even avert the carnage caused by school shooters. Using EU’s emergency response technology, and based on the Israeli intelligence model for preventing active shooters and terrorists, EU’s solution facilitates “early detection and reporting of suspicious persons or activities is the most effective countermeasure against active shooters.”

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Smart Response
Blended Training
Students Train Free

Blended online and instructor-led training combines the best of both worlds:

  1. The flexibility, convenience and standardization of interactive online learning with
  2. Instructor led classroom skills practice and certification. Providing the lecture portion online through carefully scripted multi-media frames provides consistency and standardization of content throughout your facilities.

For every 10 school staff members that sign up for training through Emergency University's training program, 100 students can train for our online CPR/AED course for free!

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AED Ready
AED Ready™

Emergency University’s patented smartphone application, AED Ready™, completely eliminates the risk of non-operational AEDs. By validating the location and operational status of your AEDs each month, your trained responders will never retrieve a dysfunctional AED again.

Simply Tap or Scan your cellphone onto the preconfigured AED chip, and EU’s AED Management System is immediately updated with the GPS location and operational status of your AEDs. If an issue is detected, Emergency University’s AED Program Specialists will contact you within 24 hours to resolve your problem. Data from your inspection is automatically transmitted and recorded in Maestro™ providing management with full transparency of your compliance status.

During a cardiac emergency, your trained responders will immediately be provided with the verified location of the nearest operational AED. AED Ready™ ensures compliance, and then puts it to work when it matters. If you manage an AED Program, and you cannot immediately verify the compliance of all your AEDs, then you can be sure that up to 50% are not compliant. See no evil, hear no evil does not cut it when lives are at stake. Why take the risk?!

AED Ready is part of EU’s Worksafe AED Management Program that has resulted the highest cardiac arrest survival rates (75%) reported in the U.S.

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