100% Prepared

100% Prepared

Online Training

Price: $19.95 (USD) 

“100% Prepared” is an interactive multi-media educational program that ensures that every member of your workforce understands their company’s emergency action plan, and their role during an emergency. The program was designed to minimize injuries and mitigate damages during an emergency by ensuring rapid response and knowledgeable execution of the plan.

Reviews evacuation principles, active shooters, severe weather emergencies including earthquakes and fires. Each module includes knowledge assessments, and a printable summary of the essential principles covered. This program meets the employer’s OSHA regulatory requirement (OSHA 1910.38(f)) to review the emergency action plan with all company personnel on initial hire and annually thereafter. OSHA 1910.38(f)

  • Course duration: 45 minutes
  • Volume Discount: 866-233-4357, info@EmergencyUniversity.com
Accreditations and Approvals:

  • Meets the guidelines for training established by OSHA
100% Prepared