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Our Result Driven Solutions

Emergency University's success was built on creating streamlined solutions that prepare your organization to deal with the unexpected.

Managing the Risk of a Remote Workforce

Global companies of all shapes and sizes have successfully transitioned teams to a remote or hybrid workforce model. But, if you are not effectively managing the Health & Safety risks of those remote workers, you expose yourself to regulatory compliance nightmares and endless legal risks. Factoring in that every country's requirements are different, it becomes nearly impossible for a globally distributed organization to manage.

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Emergency Response Programs

Emulated by many, mastered by EU, our proven blueprint for success includes the provision of emergency action plans, responder protocols, evacuation tutorials, workforce training, and the most advanced emergency response technology to link it all together.

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Integrated Emergency Communications and Response Platform

Transforms the management of complex and chaotic emergencies into a series of simple actions that create predictable, proven and optimal outcomes.

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Our country-specific emergency preparedness training and certification ensures your workforce is 100% prepared to effectively respond at the critical time.

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Health and Safety

As the global leader in emergency preparedness, we ensure that you meet your regulatory requirements while helping you execute and maintain your program. Beyond consultation, we offer country-specific health and safety regulations, conduct risk assessments, develop policies and procedures, design online instructional programs, as well as provide implementation and auditing plans affirming sustainable compliance.

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Equipment and Supplies

Well equipped is well prepared, and EU has you covered. Find AEDs, First Aid Cabinets, Trauma Kits, Responder/Floor Warden supplies, Executive Protection Medical Bags, Disaster Supplies, and more.

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Executive Protection: Medical Training

Put your leadership at ease by enhancing the vital medical capabilities of your security team. EU provides an experienced emergency physician who serves as your EP team’s medical director, developing medical protocols that align with your security team’s medical training and capability level.

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Everything you need to be 100% prepared.

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Who we are

EU has driven the emergency response industry for over 3 decades.

Elevated the standard of care for public emergency medical systems by incorporating the fire department into the emergency medical response.

Redefined emergency care in public venues by integrating security, ushers, EMTs and AEDs, creating an internal emergency response system.

Introduced emergency medical response systems into the workplace by training workplace personnel and providing life-saving emergency equipment for rapid response to injured and ill co-workers.

Transformed cell phones into a critical emergency management tool that automates the execution of your emergency response plan.

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