Onsite Fire Extinguisher

Onsite Fire Extinguisher Training

Online Training + Onsite Skills Certification

Price: $450.00 (USD) 

This program is intended for employees who are designated by their employers as responders to assist in the event of a facility fire, such as ERT members or floor wardens, and who may be required to use portable fire extinguishers. Developed by professional firefighters, and innovative educators, this program meets the requirements of OSHA section [1910.157(g)(3)] that states that in addition to cognitive knowledge, the employee must also be provided with “hands-on” training in the use of the fire extinguishing equipment.

Prior to the classroom training, students complete an online multi-media introduction to fires and fire extinguishers.

Emergency University professionals developed an innovative skills approach allowing each student to experience the use of a fire extinguisher without the risk of a live fire, the costs associated with expensive simulators, nor the cleanup required with expulsion of dry powder from the fire extinguisher. Each student is provided hands-on practice using a charged, class A extinguisher on a simulated fire, using the PASS method. As the fire is simulated, no special permits or set-up is required, nor the risks associated with live fire exercises. Students use an innovative refillable class A extinguisher so that there is no dry powder to clean up after the exercise.

  • Online course duration: 20 minutes
  • Skills Certification Class duration: 1 hour hands-on skills verification class at your worksite
  • Onsite, instructor-led course for up to 10 students
  • Volume Discount: 866-233-4357, info@EmergencyUniversity.com
Course Content:

  • Online Training Module:
    • The fire triangle
    • Stages of a fire
    • Classifications of fires
    • Types of fire extinguishers and when to use
    • The PASS method for using an extinguisher
    • When not to use a fire extinguisher
  • Instructor led portion:
    • Review of your facility’s fire safety plan with students
    • Familiarize trainees to the types of extinguishers available for them to use
    • Physically walk trainees through their emergency exits and stairwells, pointing out the locations of standpipes, fire control room, fire department hook ups, fire extinguishers or other fire safety equipment
    • Have trainees practice the PASS method using a live class A extinguisher on a simulated fire
Onsite Fire Extinguisher