Onsite Floor Warden

Onsite Floor Warden Responder Training

Certification Plus Onsite Skills

Price: $450.00 (USD) 

The ability of the organization to execute their emergency action plan during the first few minutes prior to the arrival of public agencies are critical. This course is designed to ensure your designated responders are prepared to assist during these critical initial minutes.

Emergencies are chaotic by nature, however an organized and practiced evacuation is significantly more likely to lead employees to safety. Emergency University’s evacuation program is designed to train your designated responders to safely and competently assist in the evacuation of their co-workers.

  • Onsite, instructor-led course for up to 10 students
  • Volume Discount: 866-233-4357, info@EmergencyUniversity.com
Accreditations and Approvals:

  • Meets the guidelines for training established by OSHA
Onsite Floor Warden