Instructor Blended Training Certification

Instructor Blended Training Certification

Online Training + Instructor Certification

Price: $169.95 (USD)
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Steps to become a qualified Blended Training Instructor

  • Receive referrals from Emergency University
  • Complete your instructor application
  • Access Emergency University’s (EU) CPR/AED/FA/BBP/CCPR programs to understand EU’s unique training methodology
  • Complete all online training programs
    Online Training: AED: 30 minutes, Adult CPR: 30 minutes, Pediatric CPR: 30 minutes, First Aid: 60 minutes, Blood Borne Pathogens: 30 minutes
  • Submit a request for your 1-1 mentor session with an EU instructor trainer directly from your training page!
  • Six video conferencing sessions, observing then leading live video skills training sessions
  • Obtain certification as a qualified blended training instructor
Course Content:

  • Emergency University nationally accredited instructor certification valid for 2 years.
  • Access to Emergency University's online CPR ,AED, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens Training Courses.
  • Instructor training materials, ie. instructor training video,  instructor guide for CPR, AED, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens training, and instructor guide for AED Responder training.
  • Quality assurance documents, ie. hands-on skills instructor responsibility checklist, instructor quality assurance plan, professional conduct policy and equipment maintenance & cleaning.
  • Class materials, ie. training roster, CPR/AED/BBP/First Aid student skills checklists,  class evaluations, and certification cards.
  • Access to MAESTRO, Emergency University's Learning Management System for One Full Year.
    • Tracks students' training records
    • Sends out refresher and/or re-certification email reminders
    • Generates compliance reports
Instructor Blended Training Certification