Sleep and Fatigue

Sleep and Fatigue Management

Online Training

Price: $49.95 (USD) 
  • Based on the research of Dr. William Dement, founder of the Sleep Research Center at Stanford University
  • Meets critical needs of transportation workers
  • Addresses strategies for shift workers
  • Recommends effective methods to combat insomnia
  • Recommends effective nap techniques to revitalize
  • Course duration: 60 minutes
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Course Content:

  • Fatigue and Sleep Management: Good sleep is essential to everyone. Understanding how lack of sleep affects us is important to developing the necessary motivation to improve our sleep habits. Nowhere is sleep more important than in the transportation industry where fatigue often translates into serious injury and destruction of property. Drowsy driving costs millions of dollars in accidents and much more in human tolls.

    This sleep program was developed to provide you with an understanding of how much sleep you need and how to maximize the quality of your sleep. The program is composed of 7 modules and takes approximately 1 and ½ hours to complete.

    This multi-media interactive program can be reviewed all at one time or over several sittings, and is loaded with insightful pearls designed to help you get better sleep. Many of the instructional charts are printable so that you can take their guidance with you to wherever they will be most useful, to the kitchen, the car or to read over and over again while trying to incorporate the principles into your lifestyle.

  • Modules:
    • Sleep Basics
    • Sleep Cycles
    • Sleep Debt
    • Sleep Dynamics
    • Sleep Strategies
    • Night Shift Worker
    • Drowsy Driving
Sleep and Fatigue