Online Training

Price: $93.00 (USD) 
  • Nationally accredited 2-year certificate for Adult CPR, AED, Heat Related Illness, Sleep and Fatigue Management and First Aid
  • Nationally accredited 1-year certificate for blood Borne Pathogens
  • Immediate access to training and certificate
  • Your E-certificate is immediately delivered directly to your cellphone
  • Your AED training is customized to your preferred AED
  • Course duration: AED: 30 minutes, Adult CPR: 30 minutes, First Aid: 60 minutes, Blood Borne Pathogens: 30 minutes, Heat Related Illness: 30 minutes, Sleep and Fatigue Management: 60 minutes
  • Meets and Exceeds the guidelines published by the AHA, ARC and OSHA
  • Full one year access to maintain your competence and confidence
  • Volume Discount: 866-233-4357, info@EmergencyUniversity.com
Course Content:

  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology of the Cardiovascular System: Basic anatomy and physiology concepts that later permit the trainee to understand the clinical concepts and skills associated with CPR. Colorful animations enhance comprehension.
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology Evaluation Exercise: Multiple choice and interactive animations reinforce important concepts.
  • Basic Adult CPR Training: Multi-media training sequences including realistic photographs, voice, text, and animations address assessment, calling for help, proper positioning of the airway, rescue breathing using face shields, techniques for providing quality chest compressions, strategies for 1 and 2 person CPR, and personal protection while providing CPR.
  • Basic Obstructed Airway: Progressive techniques for relieving an obstructed airway caused by a foreign body taught through realistic photographs, voice, text, and animations for adults and children.
  • Intermediate CPR Training Evaluation Exercise: Interactive exercises to reinforce comprehension of main concepts and strategies in CPR. Preparation for final testing.
  • Advanced Adult CPR Assessment Exercise: Video simulation of sudden cardiac arrest that requires the student to sequence required actions in providing CPR. A preparatory practice testing sequence is provided.
  • Manufacturer Specific Basic AED Training: Basic multimedia AED training, utilizing interactive animations created specifically for the AED selected. Students review assessment, CPR skills, and are instructed to operate an AED in a sudden cardiac arrest. The Virtual AED allows the students to perform each physical task through interactive simulations. The Virtual AED responds to the student's intervention exactly as the actual AED would respond both visually and with each AED's unique audio responses. Personal protection issues are addressed.
  • Manufacturer Specific Intermediate AED Training: Intermediate training that requires students to complete 3 typical cardiac arrest scenarios. Students are prompted to select the correct action in response to the described clinical condition of the patient, and the AED's audio and visual prompts. AED interactive activities are customized to the student's AED. Students receive feedback for each of their selections. At the conclusion, students have demonstrated their ability to appropriately respond to common cardiac arrest scenarios.
  • Manufacturer Specific Advanced AED Training: Advanced video simulation training for a sudden cardiac arrest requiring CPR and an AED that requires the student to properly assess, provide CPR skills, and operate an AED in the proper sequence. Ensures the student can sequence actions correctly without prompts. A preparatory practice testing sequence is provided.
  • Basic Blood Borne Pathogen Training: Interactive, audio/visual training program combining photographs, voice over, text, and animations designed to inform the trainee about universal precautions, the risks and types of infectious diseases contracted through exposure, the proper safeguards to prevent exposure and proper methods of handling potential contaminants.
  • Advanced Blood Borne Pathogen Testing: Simple, multiple choice questions to ensure that the student has achieved basic knowledge required to prevent and properly handle potential exposures.
  • Basic First Aid Training: Interactive, audio/visual training program combining photographs, voice over, text, and animations designed to instruct the trainee in basic first aid. Each section begins with the underlying Anatomy and Physiology and progresses to assessment and treatment. Includes Airway and Breathing Emergencies, Cardiovascular Emergencies, Environmental Emergencies, Bleeding, Shock, Major and Minor Trauma, Burns, OSHA, NGFATOS Compliant. Includes interactive demonstrations.
  • Advanced First Aid Practice/Testing: Permits student to properly assess and demonstrate their understanding of the underlying principles and treatment through animated interactive activities. Choosing the proper supply from the First Aid Kit and intervention from the “Backpack of First Aid Knowledge”, it is the first of its kind to allow the students to choose the intervention and watch it take place on the screen.
  • Fatigue and Sleep Management: Good sleep is essential to everyone. Understanding how lack of sleep affects us is important to developing the necessary motivation to improve our sleep habits. Nowhere is sleep more important than in the transportation industry where fatigue often translates into serious injury and destruction of property. Drowsy driving costs millions of dollars in accidents and much more in human tolls.

    This sleep program was developed to provide you with an understanding of how much sleep you need and how to maximize the quality of your sleep. The program is composed of 7 modules and takes approximately 1 and ½ hours to complete.

    This multi-media interactive program can be reviewed all at one time or over several sittings, and is loaded with insightful pearls designed to help you get better sleep. Many of the instructional charts are printable so that you can take their guidance with you to wherever they will be most useful, to the kitchen, the car or to read over and over again while trying to incorporate the principles into your lifestyle.
  • Modules:
    • Sleep Basics
    • Sleep Cycles
    • Sleep Debt
    • Sleep Dynamics
    • Sleep Strategies
    • Night Shift Worker
    • Drowsy Driving
  • Heat Related Illness - Fulfill your OSHA requirements while preparing your employees for working in hot weather! Emergency University’s multi-media interactive heat related illness program helps you do both in a convenient and cost effective manner. All your employees need is a computer and access to the internet!

    Emergency University’s training programs are supported by Maestro™ our proprietary learning management system available to you at no additional cost to track your employees training and testing, allowing you to generate and print reports that will demonstrate your compliance with local, state and federal guidelines!

    An ounce of prevention... Heat related illness is almost entirely preventable. Emergency University’s heat related illness program ensures that trainees are provided with the information they need to prepare for working in hot weather.