Zoll AED Plus

Online Training Certification

Price: $29.95 
  • Nationally accredited 2-year certification
  • Immediate access to training, certification or re-certification
  • Your E-certificate is immediately delivered directly to your cellphone
  • Your AED training is customized to your preferred AED
  • Course duration: 30 minutes
  • Meets and Exceeds the guidelines published by the AHA and ARC
  • Full one year access to maintain your competence and confidence
Course Content:

  • AED Training According to AHA Published Guidelines: Interactive, audio/visual training program combining photographs, voice over, text, and clinical animations designed to instruct in the proper use of an AED.
  • AED Practice Scenarios According to AHA Published Guidelines: Interactive, audio/visual practice program comprised of seven real-life clinical scenarios utilizing all of the elements of the AED training program designed to build competence and confidence in the use of an AED. The student receives instructive feedback for correct or incorrect answers.
  • AED Testing According to AHA Published Guidelines: Through simulation of an actual emergency experience, the student takes a timed test which requires him to choose the proper sequence of actions necessary in a cardiac emergency utilizing an AED.