Philips HeartStart OnSite

Philips HeartStart Onsite

Online Training Certification

Price: $29.95 (USD) 
  • Nationally accredited 2-year certification
  • Immediate access to training, certification or re-certification
  • Your E-certificate is immediately delivered directly to your cellphone
  • Your AED training is customized to your preferred AED
  • Course duration: 30 minutes
  • Meets and Exceeds the guidelines published by the AHA and ARC
  • Full one year access to maintain your competence and confidence
Course Content:

  • Philips HeartStart Onsite Basic AED Training: Basic multimedia AED training, utilizing interactive animations created specifically for the AED selected. Students review assessment, CPR skills, and are instructed to operate an AED in a sudden cardiac arrest. The Virtual Philips HeartStart Onsite AED allows the students to perform each physical task through interactive simulations. The Virtual Philips HeartStart Onsite AED responds to the student's intervention exactly as the actual AED would respond both visually and with each AED's unique audio responses. Personal protection issues are addressed.
  • Philips HeartStart Onsite Intermediate AED Training: Intermediate training that requires students to complete 3 typical cardiac arrest scenarios. Students are prompted to select the correct action in response to the described clinical condition of the patient, and the AED's audio and visual prompts. AED interactive activities are customized to the student's AED. Students receive feedback for each of their selections. At the conclusion, students have demonstrated their ability to appropriately respond to common cardiac arrest scenarios.
  • Philips HeartStart Onsite Advanced AED Training: Advanced video simulation training for a sudden cardiac arrest requiring CPR and an AED that requires the student to properly assess, provide CPR skills, and operate an AED in the proper sequence. Ensures the student can sequence actions correctly without prompts. A preparatory practice testing sequence is provided.
Philips HeartStart OnSite