Job Specific CPR and First Aid Training Packages
In today's competitive job market, it’s important to have that something extra to give you an edge. In addition to your own professional skills, the ability to help make your workplace a safer place for your co-workers can make you a dynamic asset to any team environment. For nearly 15 years, Emergency University has offered convenient, nationally-accredited training programs across a wide variety of industries. Emergency University recognizes the need for specialized emergency training that is as unique as an individual's professional goals and career path. For instance, a healthcare professional may require a much more extensive level of BLS certification than an educator or coach who works in a classroom or school setting. Similarly, a corporate professional who works in an office environment may benefit from a different first aid training course than a professional tattoo artist.
The Most Popular Packages
First Aid with Free CPR
Adult & Pediatric CPR and First Aid
Blood Borne Pathogens
BLS for the Healthcare Professional
US Coast Guard CPR/First Aid
Wellness Packages
Ergonomics Training
Heat Related Illness
Fatigue & Sleep Management