Emergency and Occupational Health and Safety Training

Medical Training
Medical Emergency Preparedness

Emergency University provides the full spectrum of medical preparedness training programs on a global basis. With a comprehensive line of online, blended, traditional, and video skills training programs, and training center partnerships around the world, we have solutions that will meet the needs of all your locations and logistics.

EU streamlines your workload by managing all aspects of the training program. We coordinate scheduling, to assist with recruiting responders, and select highly qualified instructors that will provide training at your worksite, no matter what day or time you need. Your training and certification records are maintained in Maestro™ EU’s proprietary Emergency Response Program Management System, and can be viewed, printed or downloaded through your secure administrative portal.

All EU’s certifications are easily validated by the employer with numbered certification cards that can be verified online or scanned. Most importantly, our courses uniquely incorporate behavioral science to address the typical barriers that prevent volunteers from responding at the critical time. EU’s programs are well known for creating “willing” responders, not just certified personnel.

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Non-Medical Emergency Preparedness

EU’s training programs for critical incidents, such as earthquakes, severe weather and armed intruders target the individual’s role during the emergency.

General workforce programs satisfy difficult to meet regulatory requirements, including providing a overview of the organization’s emergency action plan, while teaching the basic principles of evacuation, sheltering, and hiding. Responders receive tactical training programs for floor warden/fire marshals, security, and search and rescue training. EU has a special program for the strategic role of the workplace based incident commander.

All responders can participate in EU’s proprietary Emergency Responder course that puts it all together. The program teaches leadership and team roles while using realistic scenarios that ensure your responders hone their skills using their local protocols and plans, achieving the confidence to respond.

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Non-Medical Training
Health and Safety Training
Occupational Health and Safety

Whether your employees work outdoors and require training to avoid heat-related illness, or your transportation workers need to protect themselves from the consequences of fatigue, or you are a fast-growing tech company struggling to cost-effectively meet your employee’s needs to maintain an ergonomic workstation, Emergency University has practical and time-tested training programs to keep your employees safe.

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Executive Protection Training Courses

EU provides a full spectrum of training programs based on your EP team’s current and desired medical capabilities. EU emphasizes ongoing learning to ensure that your agents maintain these highly perishable skills. Ongoing learning programs may enhance or expand their medical expertise, depending on the needs of the team. All programs are designed to hone their medical critical decision making skills optimizing the clinical outcome of your protectees. EU provides flexible training schedules to meet the challenging task of scheduling security agents who are always on the go.

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Executive Protection Medical Training

You are an accomplished instructor with significant teaching experience! We have been a nationally accredited certifying authority for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies for 2 decades.

You are passionate about providing your students with the vital skills needed to respond to medical emergencies. We are passionate about providing you with the highest quality training products and supporting you in any way we can.

EU provides the only blended training instructor certification in the world. It is time to cross–certify with EU and save money utilizing EU’s online training licenses. Save time with EU’s administrative class and scheduling software, automated e-certs sent directly to your client cell phones, and the latest patented technology for AED Compliance and emergency response. It is time to get ahead of the crowd! We look forward to working with you!

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Training Formats
Training Formats

Emergency University offers a variety of nationally accredited training formats designed to adapt to the unique needs of each organization and each facility.

Online training provides the flexibility of completing your training, whether you are at the office, at home or on the road. It ensures standardization of training from facility to facility across all lines of business. Blended Training combines the flexibility of completing lecture material online, then working in a classroom setting with a qualified instructor to practice your skills, leadership and team skills. Video conference-based training with a qualified instructor provides a convenient solution for employees who work in remote areas, and finally, traditional instructor led classroom training is always available.

No matter what your circumstances, EU has a training format that will empower you and your co-workers to become willing and capable responders.

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