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Emergency Medical Training and CPR Certifications for Corporations

Active Shooter Solutions

Early detection and reporting of suspicious behavior by workplace personnel is the most effective countermeasure against workplace shooters.

No single solution will fully avert or mitigate workplace shootings. Solutions must be multi-layered and reasonable to implement. The solutions should address the behavioral profiles of the workplace staff we seek to protect, so that they can perform reliably under duress. Failure to incorporate behavioral considerations regarding how people respond in a critical emergency results in “inaction.”

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Smart Response
AED/CPR Certification
  • Nationally accredited CPR/AED certification
  • Online, blended, classroom and video training available
  • Free ongoing learning program
  • Custom automated enrollment site
  • We'll schedule classes for you where and when you want them
  • Substantial corporate discounts available
AED/CPR Certification
Tracking and Reporting
Tracking and Reporting
  • Tracks training and certification organization-wide, by facility and individually
  • Tracks equipment, supplies organization-wide, by facility
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) reports for all components of training and equipment
AED Program Management
  • Ongoing medical supervision
  • Ongoing CPR/AED Training
  • Emergency Services Registration
  • Monitored AED maintenance
  • Planned and practiced response
  • Data driven Quality Improvment (QI) Program
  • Comprehensive AED program management ability
AED Program Management
Liability Protection
Liability Protection
  • You protect your employees; We'll protect you!
  • Over and above the "Good Samaritan Law's" liability protection for trained users and purchasers of AEDs
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