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Active Shooter Preparedness and Emergency Medical Training

School Shooter Solutions

Emergency University has developed a cost-effective solution to prevent or lessen the harm caused by school shooters. EU’s emergency response technology is based on universally utilized intelligence models that address active shooter and terrorist events. EUAlert!™ facilitates early detection and reporting of suspicious persons or activities, which is the most effective countermeasure against active shooters.

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Smart Response
Blended Training
Students Train Free

Blended online and instructor-led training combines the best of both worlds:

  1. The flexibility, convenience and standardization of interactive online learning with
  2. Instructor led classroom skills practice and certification. Providing the lecture portion online through carefully scripted multi-media frames provides consistency and standardization of content throughout your facilities.

For every 10 school staff members who sign up for training through Emergency University's training program, 100 students can train for our online CPR/AED course for free!

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AED Ready
AED Ready™

Loss of life is always tragic. Loss of a young life is almost incomprehensible.

AEDs can save lives, but only if they are part of a planned and organized emergency medical response system. While nationwide cardiac arrest survival is a dismal 5%, EU’s clients have achieved an unprecedented 75% survival rate. While the national average for cardiac arrest response is 2%; EU’s clients have achieved 100% response for over 10 years.

AEDs can’t take care of themselves, and they still don’t have arms and legs. Without a sustainable AED maintenance and replacement program, and training that includes ensuring your responders know where the AEDs are located, your school will achieve very little from their ongoing investment in AEDs, accessories and training.

We know that administering a program can be time consuming, so EU makes it easy with our AED Program Manager. Program administrators have 24/7 transparency into the quality and effectiveness of the program.

The FDA reported over 46,000 adverse AED events. EU clients have had none in our 20 years in business.

EU’s technology solutions will ensure 100% AED compliance, 100% response, and 100% satisfaction. Call us today and start getting your money’s worth!

AED Ready is part of EU’s Worksafe AED Management Program that has resulted the highest cardiac arrest survival rates (75%) reported in the U.S.

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