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Class management, anywhere.

The instructor resource center makes organizing and administering your classes simple, easy, and paperless! Go to the "My Classes" section of the resource center to view current or upcoming classes, enroll trainees in your online roster, or retrieve your class materials.

No more passing out evaluation forms or certifications. No more paper rosters. We send out your evaluation forms and store them for you digitally. We make sure your trainees receive their online e-certs and are able to download and digitally store their certifications on their smartphones at all times with our patent pending smartphone application EUCert!™. EUCert!™ makes administering and requesting certification skills cards faster, more easily accessible, and paper-free!

The Instructor Resource Center also helps you find classes available to you to teach, check your online instructor evaluations, and provides you with full access to the discounted instructor store.

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Can't Find Your Wallet Card?

Emergency University’s patent pending technology, EUCert!™, is a worry-free smartphone application that allows you to carry your medical certificates of completion with you everywhere you go. Don’t stress about keeping paper certificates or skills cards with you to prove your medical certification. As long as you are carrying your smartphone, there is a digital and printable record of your medical certificates on your person at all times.

EUCert!™ stores and organizes these certificates for you. EU Cert™ also records and displays the expiration dates of your certificates, so you know when your certificates are valid and when they need to be renewed. Download EUCert!™ today for organized, portable, and easy access to your certs…Don’t get caught without your certs!

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Whats Important to You?

Increased Profits

  • No texts to purchase, no videos to buy, no shipping to pay – all course materials accessible online
  • Free student materials, free certification cards
  • Competitive pricing, volume discounts available
  • Reduce classroom time, while maintaining top quality education
  • Provide three classes in the time it currently takes to teach one

Grow Your Business

  • Increase sales through workshops and customized marketing tools
  • Benefit from client referrals in your area
  • Generate commissions through your website

Reliable Support

  • Our goal is to develop a partnership you can depend on
  • We offer Consulting services to address your business goals
  • One-stop shop for all your training needs

Free On-Line Management Software

  • Free user-friendly software application suite includes: scheduling, enrollment, real time tracking, automated notification, reminders and compliance alerts
  • Save time - provide your clients access to manage & view their own reports
  • Save resources – utilize electronic rosters and evaluations
  • Includes data driven CQI program

Quality Training, Proven Success

  • Our programs deliver more than just the facts – they teach cognitive skills enabling students to apply what they have learned to different situations
  • Our instructors teach more than isolated skills sets – they focus on scenario-based emergency response training
  • Our courses are designed and monitored by experienced clinicians to reflect leading-edge learning methodologies, according to the latest AHA published guidelines
  • EU pioneered the development of award-winning online and blended training proven to be 60% more effective than traditional, according to the Dept. of Education
  • We enjoy the highest student satisfaction rate in the industry
  • Students have free access to ongoing learning to reinforce retention
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