Active Shooter in Schools

EUAlert!™ transforms cell phones into life-saving devices

Emergency University has developed a cost-effective solution to prevent or lessen the harm caused by school shooters. EU’s emergency response technology is based on universally utilized intelligence models that address active shooter and terrorist events. EU Alert! facilitates early detection and reporting of suspicious persons or activities, which is the most effective countermeasure against active shooters.

Enables Early Reporting of Suspicious Behavior

EUAlert!™ is a cellphone-based emergency response system that enables any student or faculty member to immediately report suspicious behavior.

For example, imagine that a student standing near the front of the school observes another student acting suspiciously, perhaps carrying a duffel bag or guitar case that seems out of norm. The observant student can report their observations by simply tapping on the EU Alert! icon.

School Shooters: A Tale of Three Profiles:

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Person overwatches suspicious person
School Shooters: A Tale of Three Profiles

School shootings are on the rise in the United States. There were 52 school shootings in 2016. School shootings increased by 25% in 2017, and sadly, there was a year over year 310% increase in school shootings in the first quarter of 2018.

32 shootings were identified as causing injuries or deaths to other students or faculty between January 1, 2016 and March 30, 2018. These incidents resulted in 50 deaths and 95 injuries Our initial analysis revealed a distinct profile for elementary school shootings, high school/middle school shootings, and university/college shootings.

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EUAlert initial reporting screenTap "Yes" I have an emergency
EUAlert report an emergency screenType or speak to report emergency
Rapidly Activate Your Active Shooter Protocol

The school’s incident commander (IC) receives immediate notification of the suspicious person and can contact the reporting person to establish if the person is armed. If confirmed, the IC can activate the school’s active shooter emergency action plan within seconds.

Since the student reported that the suspicious person is heading towards the front door, the IC can direct students and faculty, located in the back hallways or classrooms, to quickly evacuate out through the nearest rear exit from the school and then run off the school property to safety. The IC can direct faculty and students, in the front hallway or classrooms, to go into “Lockdown,” or “Hide” because they are in the shooter’s path, and cannot safely escape.

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Person overwatches suspicious person

I work in an industry where leveraging every member of our staff is critical to successfully managing emergency incidents. EU Alert! is a technology that has allowed us to reduce our training time while at the same time achieving a level of proficiency at emergency management that we were unable to sustain in the past.

Chief Security Officer, BGM
Provides a Simple Tool for Critical Updates

As the shooter is observed moving through the school, students or faculty can provide the IC with critical updates, such as the shooter’s “new” location. This allows the IC to immediately respond to rapidly changing circumstances, and issue new instructions to students and faculty to maximize their safety.

For example, minutes after going into “Lockdown,” a faculty member sees the shooter walk down the front hallway and turn into a side corridor. The faculty member reports the shooter’s movements to the school’s IC via the app. The IC determines that he can now safely evacuate students and faculty “hiding” in the classrooms in the front hallway and directs them through the app to quickly exit via the school’s front entrance, and run away from the school property, distancing themselves from the shooter.

Person overwatches suspicious person
EUAlert initial reporting screen
EUAlert report an emergency screen
Reports Allow a More Rapid and Effective Public Agency Response

The location and movements of the shooter, students and faculty are continuously tracked during the crisis. EU Alert! creates reports, such as the shooter’s last known location or locations of students and faculty needing assistance, that can be rapidly provided to public responders when they arrive upon the scene, resulting in a more rapid and effective interventions.

Preventing School Shootings:

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Preventing School Shootings

Establishing policies and procedures is an essential element in preventing school shootings. Creating proactive legislation that school administration can utilize help eliminate one of the main problems that lead up to school shootings and prevent an incident from actually occurring.

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We have used Emergency University’s technical solutions, including EUAlert! and AED Ready at Twitter and Veritas Technologies. The unique capabilities of their products, professional customer-focused service, and agile response of the EU staff made both experiences extremely valuable. I look forward to implementing these technologies at GE.

Head of Security and Crisis Management, GE Digital