Emergeny Response Plan

Integrate Technology Into Your Response Process

Now more than ever, technology plays a critical role in emergency response plans, from text messages to email blasts and social media messages. If your company provides cell phones to employees, be sure to integrate these mobile devices into your plan because they can be used to help keep track of personnel, communicate areas of danger, and identify where additional help is needed.

Because information and training that are utilized infrequently are the easiest to forget, frequent practice drills are essential. In addition to giving your workforce ample opportunity to practice what they have learned, drills can help you determine if your plan is practical or needs to be modified.

Types of Emergency Communications:

  • Automated phone message
  • Text message alerts
  • Social networking sites
  • Website
  • Email blasts
  • Phone call alerts
  • Emergency management team press conference

When incorporating multiple technologies, be sure to outline the communications channels that will be used and incorporate recent technological advancements such as:

  • Software applications that allow you to create mass text message lists for your emergency response staff, general workforce, and other critical employees
  • A mobile app to facilitate real-time communication between emergency response staff and EMT personnel and provide step-by-step instructions for risk-averse employees

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