Executive Protection Medical

Progressive Bay Area Executive Protection Teams Incorporate Medical Component to Enhance Protection of Their Principals

Executive Protection/Security professionals face significant challenges ensuring their client’s safety. While trained to address external security threats, are these EP professionals prepared to respond to the threat within – a potential medical crisis?

As Executive Protection models evolve, EP professionals are increasingly aware of the importance of integrating medical capabilities into their security protection programs to better reflect the needs of their principals. There are critical components to consider when tasked to design EP Medical Programs.

The successful Integration of a comprehensive EP medical response program positively impacts advance planning and protection, recognizes and prepares for worse case scenarios, minimizes risk and ensures the best clinical outcome for their clients.

Medical capability in the executive/dignitary protection arena is a critical resource. Having immediate medical care on hand dramatically increases the probability of successful outcomes. Because of better, faster, and closer emergency medical care - people are surviving things that used to kill them.

A well thought out and prepared medical program ensures the best clinical outcome for protectees experiencing medical emergencies. We’ll discuss due diligence, ways to minimize risk and assemble vital components into a cohesive system that predictably achieves effective medical protection.

Coming soon: (2/5)