SCA Response Training

Each year, between 40 million and 50 million people enroll in CPR/AED classes at a cost of more than $2.5 billion annually. Despite the growing number of available trained individuals, only 2 percent of cardiac arrest victims receive an effective response - which is: immediate CPR, and the attachment of an AED. With 330,000 Americans experiencing out-of–hospital SCAs each year, it's essential that we pay for training that results in individuals who will actually respond and, therefore, save lives.

Incorporating SCA response training into a Public Access Defibrillation Program saves lives. In addition to teaching basic CPR and AED skills, an SCA response class based on behavioral science principles was developed by Emergency University to overcome cultural and emotional barriers and establish a team-based emergency response structure based on each facility's emergency response plan. The FAA SCA response program targeted 45,000 employees across 183 locations nationwide. During the past five years of Emergency University training, the FAA's SCA response rate was 100 percent—in great contrast to the national average of 2 percent.

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