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Display your certifications on your phone

Always as easy to access as your Boarding Pass

Emergency Universitys EUCert!™
Can't Find Your Wallet Card?

Emergency University’s patent pending technology, EUCert!™, is a worry-free smartphone application that allows you to carry your medical certificates of completion with you everywhere you go. Don’t stress about keeping paper certificates or skills cards with you to prove your medical certification. As long as you are carrying your smartphone, there is a digital and printable record of your medical certificates on your person at all times.

EUCert!™ stores and organizes these certificates for you. EU Cert™ also records and displays the expiration dates of your certificates, so you know when your certificates are valid and when they need to be renewed. Download EUCert!™ today for organized, portable, and easy access to your certs…Don’t get caught without your certs!

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