• Getting Started
    • How do I purchase a training program?
    • Where can I find my receipt?
  • Login
    • Where do I go to login?
    • I want to change my login or contact information
    • I forgot my login information
    • I accidentally deleted my welcome email
    • I never received my welcome email
  • Training
    • My training course does not launch
    • My training course is not showing up or is grayed out
    • How do I locate my training results?
    • How do I know if I have passed the training course?
    • Can I review a training course more than once?
    • USCG Course: Video Skills
    • I am unable to start AED Training
  • Certificates and Cards
    • Will I receive a certificate?
    • How do I obtain a wallet-sized card?
    • How do I print my certificate?
    • I am having trouble printing my certificate
  • Mobile Apps
    • I cannot access EUAlert!™
    • I am unable to view my AEDs in AED Ready
    • EUCert!™ is asking for a registration code, but I have not received one
  • Other
    • I need help with something else
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