Equipment and Supplies

Emergency Equipment, Supplies, and First Aid Kits

Medical Emergency Responder Kits

Nearly all workplace emergencies involve medical illnesses and injuries. Safety standards require that your emergency medical responder kits are customized to your country’s regulations, industry standards, worksite, and most importantly to match your workplace responders’ capabilities.

Functionally organized, and therefore easy to use, Emergency University ensures that: 1) your medical kits empower your trained responders, so they can provide timely and effective initial medical care to your personnel and visitors and; 2) your company meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements.

EU provides training and drills with your customized kits to ensure that your emergency response team is prepared to meet their Response-Abilities.

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Medical Kits
Non-Medical Kits
Non-Medical Emergency Response Supplies

In this uncertain world, preparing for the unexpected is more important than ever. Emergency University works with your security or EH&S team to ensure that your responders have immediate access to emergency response essentials.

Your emergency responder kits will be customized for: 1) critical incidents designated by your organization and; 2) the designated roles, capabilities and experience of your responders.

EU provides training with your custom kits to ensure that your emergency response is completely executed.

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AEDs, Accessories

Sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) are the #1 cause of death in the workplace. Nearly ALL of these deaths are preventable with a well-designed emergency response system, training, equipment and management. EU is your one stop shop for all AED Program needs, proudly boasting that our clients enjoy the highest workplace cardiac arrest survival rate in the country.

AEDs, cabinets, adult and pediatric pads, batteries, ready response kits, trainers and signage are aggressively priced to encourage your organization to achieve a life-saving 3-minute “drop to shock” response. Confidently prepare your organization and response teams to save lives today.

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AEDs and Equipment
Executive Protection Medical Packs
Executive Protection Equipment

Outfit your EP team with an executive protection medical kit, customized to your principal’s lifestyle and risks, and to the training, experience and capabilities of your security team.

Functionally organized to facilitate timely and effective care, your principal will appreciate the enhanced protection and professionalism of properly- trained, well-equipped EP teams, optimally prepared for all their emergencies.

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Disaster Equipment and Supplies

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods can affect your workplace for prolonged periods of time. Be prepared with the necessary food, water, heat, shelter, lighting, sanitation, communication, tools, first aid and triage supplies so that your workforce will never experience the devastating circumstances that we have too often witnessed over the past several years.

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Disaster Equipment
First Aid Cabinets
First Aid Cabinets

Gain control over your First Aid Cabinet expenses. With EU’s First Aid Ready™ technology, companies consistently document savings of over 50% of their current First Aid cabinet expenses. Meet your country’s Health and Safety standards, provide comfort and care to your employees, while beaming with the confidence that you are saving your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. ANSI and custom cabinets available.

First Aid Ready™ allows you to order, inventory and restock your first aid supplies directly from your smartphone.

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