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Executive Protection: Medical Direction and Training

Medical Director

If your EP team is transitioning toward a more sophisticated medical program, an experienced Medical Director can guide you in the right direction. Your Medical Director will establish a sustainable program that ensures your team is properly prepared to deliver high-quality medical assistance that results in an optimal clinical outcome for your protectee.

The Medical Director will assess the capabilities of your current team, learn your logistics, and develop medical protocols that seamlessly integrate with your security protocols. Recommendations for equipment and supplies will be consistent with your team’s capabilities and needs. They will then design training programs that integrate your team’s protocols, equipment, and logistics and to improve your team’s medical decision-making capabilities. Our emergency physicians and healthcare professionals have worked with security EP teams charged with protecting and caring for notable founders of Silicon Valley’s leading tech companies for the past decade.

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Medical Direction
Medical Training
EP Medical Training

Emergency University’s physicians and healthcare professionals will deliver a custom training program based on your short and long-term goals, your protectee’s lifestyle and risk profile, and the capabilities and experience of your team in convenient and flexible formats. EU minimizes lecture time and maximizes learning through hands-on practice and realistic scenarios. From basic certification courses, through EU’s proprietary EP Tactical First Responder Training with ongoing learning programs to maintain these highly perishable skills , EU will provide the solution that best fits your team.

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EP Medical Protocols

Medical Protocols are the means of legally authorizing your security team members to provide care under the auspices of their Medical Director. Your Medical Director will develop protocols that provide your team with guidance to enhance their medical decision making, and minimize risk. The medical protocols focus on ensuring that your team recognizes circumstances that require immediate treatment and transport. They also focus on ensuring that for more common, but less critical medical incidents, that your team can provide care that conveys their professionalism, and builds protectee trust.

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EP Technology

According to leaders in the EP industry, leveraging every member of the team is critical to successfully managing emergency incidents. EU Alert/Smart Response is a cell phone-based emergency response technology that acts as a force multiplier and allows your EP staff to do more with less. Each member of your office staff or residence personnel become vital components of your surveillance system, and can immediately report critical information by simply tapping on the one device they always have with them, their cell phone.

By automating notifications and messaging, two hands can do the work of 10. By immediately displaying the incident-specific protocols on the EP team cellphones, Security Chiefs have expressed confidence that with EU Alert! they can predictably and sustainably elevate their level of proficiency managing critical incidents.

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EP Medical Equipment and Supplies

Whether it’s an individual carry bag or a pack designed for a residence, car, boat or plane, EU customizes your medical kits to support your team. All kits are functionally organized into compartments and pouches, and are labeled with clear indications and instructions. All assessment tools are labeled with normal/abnormal parameters.

EU uses every organizational and behavioral tool in its arsenal to minimize mistakes, and maximize accuracy, speed and clinical benefit. EU specializes in travel, remote and disaster packs, and provides a full spectrum from first aid equipment and AEDs, to sophisticated medical equipment and prescription meds. Tell us what you need!

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Equipment and Supplies