Emergency University and FAA Chosen to Present at Citizen CPR Foundation/Emergency Cardiac Care Update 2015 on:

"A Systems Approach for PAD Program Implementation" and "Creating ‘Willing’ Responders: Incorporating Behavioral Science Principles into PAD Program Education"

December 2, 2015 - REDWOOD CITY, CA/PRNewswire-iReach - Despite the widespread availability of Automated External Defibrillators in the community and AED training at an all time high, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) survival rates have remained stagnant for the past decade. Statistics show that fewer than 2% of SCA victims receive the vital benefit of bystander CPR and the attachment of an AED before Emergency Services arrive. Without response, there is no survival. Emergency University (EU) has endeavored to change this unfortunate scenario by developing training strategies for success.

Emergency University, an innovator in Emergency Response System design, blended emergency medical training and innovative response technologies, has incorporated its best practices and cutting-edge technologies into their comprehensive Worksafe™ Program. The Program has proven to quickly facilitate a planned, practiced and organized emergency medical response 100% of the time. EU’s research has shown that in addition to learning the basic skills, the affective aspect of education must be incorporated into the training methodology to turn risk-averse bystanders into "willing" and capable responders.

Thomas T. Holloway, Ph.D., Manager of Employee Safety & Health Services for the Federal Aviation Administration, and Emergency University’s Medical Director Dr. Odelia Braun and Director of Training Frank Poliafico, R.N. will present their research findings on "A Systems Approach for PAD Program Implementation" and " Creating ‘Willing’ Responders: Incorporating Behavioral Science Principles into PAD Program Education" at the upcoming Citizen CPR Foundation-Emergency Cardiac Care Update in San Diego on December 10, 2015.

Holloway, Braun and Poliafico will discuss the successful components of the exemplar FAA PAD program, implemented six years ago nationwide into the organization’s safety culture to ensure an effective emergency response encompassing over 250 FAA facilities, more than 48,000 employees and over 1,400 Automated External Defibrillators. The panelists will also discuss their SCA response model and EUAlert!™, a new technology designed to alert and direct trained internal responders to improve emergency response rates, thus, saving lives. EUAlert!™, Emergency University’s patented smartphone application, is designed to provide the missing link in the chain of survival. Provided to all employees enrolled in the Worksafe™ Program, this smartphone application immediately notifies each facility’s trained responders while pinpointing the exact location of the closest operational AED. As statistically the most likely person to discover a cardiac arrest victim is an untrained bystander, this new technology offers untrained personnel the ability to quickly activate the internal emergency response system to summon trained help.

About Emergency University

Emergency University assists corporations and government agencies in the design and implementation of life-saving internal emergency response systems, including comprehensive preparedness training, SCA response programs and early notification technologies. In 1989, Emergency University staff tripled SCA survival in San Francisco when they launched the first major urban AED program in the US designed specifically for non‐healthcare professionals. In addition to LinkedIn, Emergency University provides emergency response system implementation and training to major corporations including Cisco, Twitter, Levi-Strauss, CSX Transportation, Zynga, Procter & Gamble, and Norfolk Southern. Emergency University also provides CPR/AED training to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as part of its Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program -- the largest in the nation. The FAA’s PAD Program has achieved an unprecedented 100% SCA response rate and 75% survival rate for instances of witnessed cardiac arrest. More information about Emergency University is available at 1-866-233-4357 and http://www.emergencyuniversity.com

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