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Intelligent Incident Response Technology and Apps: Putting Data to Work

Smart Response

SmartResponse™ transforms your cell phone into a critical emergency management tool that automates the execution of your emergency response plan; for example: Active Shooter, Suspicious Package, Fire Emergencies and more.

EU recognized that cellphones, because of their ubiquitous nature, could be utilized for critical business purposes. People carry their cellphone with them everywhere.

EU also observed that there were many organizational and behavioral barriers that consistently prohibited an effective organizational emergency response. Targeting these barriers, EU's cellphone-based emergency response software, incorporates every member of the organization, and force multiplies their impact by creating a single, unified system. Anyone in the company can report critical information. Everyone in the company can easily request medical assistance. Preconfigured to direct workplace personnel to act within their behavioral comfort level, the SmartResponse™ system empowers them to act promptly and accurately during an emergency.

The SmartResponse™ system uses the traditional Incident Command structure. Once the incident commander initiates an organizational response, each tier of responders automatically receives their professionally scripted protocols on their cellphones, eliminating hesitation and mistakes. General workforce members receive simple step-by-step instructional screens.

SmartResponse™ transforms the complex and chaotic nature of a critical incident or disaster into a series of simple, efficient actions. Guaranteed to improve life safety during an emergency and significantly reduces business disruption costs. The SmartResponse™ app is a powerful and practical tool!

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EU Alert!™

Not everyone can perform CPR, or provide First Aid, but anyone can tap their cellphone touchscreen. Simply open the EU Alert!™ app, type or speak your location and emergency, and press SEND to alert trained responders. EU's software analyzes the victim's location and notifies the nearest trained responders, directing them to the closest operational AEDs or other emergency equipment.

EU Alert!™ can be initiated for any medical emergency, a broken leg, traumatic bleeding, an allergic reaction, or the most time-sensitive of all medical emergencies, the cardiac arrest. You can initiate the call for help for yourself, or for your co-workers. A 6-year study of cardiac arrests conducted with the FAA, documented a reduction in response time from 15 to 3 minutes, resulting in an increase in survival from the national workplace average of 5% to an unprecedented 75%.

EU Alert!™ is a patented cell phone technology that is not available anywhere else. Why settle for a program that is 5% effective? EU’s technology was designed to overcome the traditional organizational and behavioral barriers that prohibit our workplace emergency response programs from living up to their potential. EU seeks to help all workplaces achieve predictable success.

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EU Alert

Emergency University’s Maestro™ Cloud-based Emergency Program Management platform is a comprehensive enterprise Internet of things software application suite targeted at the growing demand of large organizations that seek to standardize their processes, build organization-wide consistency, simplify data and document storage and meaningfully analyze their data to create maximal business impact.

Maestro™ manages all aspects of your Emergency response and Health and Safety Programs, including people, equipment assets, documents, and e-tools. It includes a Learning Management System (LMS) that tracks employee training, certification and location data. Maestro™ manages equipment assets including location, functional status, inventory, and maintenance needs. All Health and Safety and Emergency Response protocols, action plans, policies and procedures are electronically stored, as well as a variety of e-tools for risk assessments.

By logging in through a single secure portal, the user can access any aspect of their emergency response and Health and Safety Programs. All self-access reports are available 24/7 and are printable, exportable and downloadable. Maestro™ provides a window into the status of your global organization’s program, streamlining administration and compliance.

Most importantly, since all protocols, people, training and equipment are stored and managed in a single platform- it allows you to put your data to work. Maestro™ is the engine that drives all of EU’s emergency response system technology.

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AED Ready
AED Ready™

Emergency University’s patented smartphone application, AED Ready™, completely eliminates the risk of non-operational AEDs. By validating the location and operational status of your AEDs each month, your trained responders will never retrieve a dysfunctional AED again.

Simply Tap or Scan your cellphone onto the preconfigured AED chip, and EU’s AED Management System is immediately updated with the GPS location and operational status of your AEDs. If an issue is detected, Emergency University’s AED Program Specialists will contact you within 24 hours to resolve your problem. Data from your inspection is automatically transmitted and recorded in Maestro™ providing management with full transparency of your compliance status.

During a cardiac emergency, your trained responders will immediately be provided with the verified location of the nearest operational AED. AED Ready™ ensures compliance, and then puts it to work when it matters. If you manage an AED Program, and you cannot immediately verify the compliance of all your AEDs, then you can be sure that up to 50% are not compliant. See no evil, hear no evil does not cut it when lives are at stake. Why take the risk?!

AED Ready is part of EU’s Worksafe AED Management Program that has resulted the highest cardiac arrest survival rates (75%) reported in the U.S.

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First Aid Ready™

Gain control over your First Aid Cabinet expenses. With EU’s First Aid Ready™ smartphone technology, companies consistently report savings of over 50% compared to old-fashioned delivery men determining what your company needs each month. Meet your country’s Health and Safety standards, while knowing you’re saving your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

EU's First Aid Supply Restocking Program will save your company money, and provide you with completely transparent services. Never again wonder what you are paying for.

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First Aid Ready
EU Cert
EU Cert™

Emergency University’s smartphone application allows trainees to access and display their certifications on their smartphone. It’s as simple as accessing your boarding card on your airline app or Apple wallet. All certs are numbered and barcoded for easy employer verification. Fumbling around looking for wallet cards is a thing of the past. Don’t get caught without your cert!

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